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Welcome to That PC Place Computer Repair and Service of Mount Holly, North Carolina.

With over twenty years of hardware and software experience, we offer fast, professional, and
affordable solutions custom designed for your specific needs.

Specializing in pc desktops and laptops, our in-house technical skills provide you with a valuable
local alternative to the high-priced big box repair centers.

Services for you

That PC Place Computer Repair and Service offers the following services:

Free Evaluation - Never pay a dime for a ten to fifteen minute evaluation of your computer or laptop in our shop!

Hardware Replacement
 - Hard Drives, Motherboards, RAM, Video Card, Laptop LCD Screens, Power Supplies, and more

Software Services
 - Backup and Restoration of Data, Reinstallation of Microsoft Windows, Virus and Malware Removal, Data Recovery
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At That PC Place, we strive to bring you the best service and product so that your experience with us will allow you to choose us again and recommend us to your friends and family.